Krishna Conscious Online Learning for Children

Earlier this month Prana dasa and Candrakoti devi-dasi released Bhakti Learning, in Mayapur Dhama for Gaura Purnima. Bhakti Learning is a Krishna-conscious online learning platform for children from 5 years to 10 and over.

There are 4 subjects in the program – Story, Sanskrit, Sloka and Pilgrimage – and three levels: ages 5+, 7+ and 9+. The subjects are delivered according to the Vaisnava calendar with fresh material being distributed at the start of each month. The material is engaging for young learners, fully interactive and purposefully designed by experienced ISKCON educators.

So far, the user feedback has been amazing. Children across 5 continents are already engaging in the lessons. The Bhakti Learning team are thrilled that they have been able to connect with such a diverse global audience in a relatively short time span.

In these difficult times of uncertainty and restrictions this online offering will surely be a godsend for many families around the world. Bhakti Learning are working to support Sunday Schools and regular ISKCON Schools around the world who are currently unable to provide their standard program of studies. If you are a Sunday School coordinator or a part of an ISKCON affiliated school and you think this online service could be helpful, please don’t hesitate to contact Prana dasa personally for assistance.

The Gaura Purnima launch is in its final days. Please don’t miss out on the benefits of registering now. Enter GAURANGA to at the end of your registration to avail! Registration will close on the 31st March.

Visit the website for details.