“We are traveling all over the world, but there is no university, no institution, no school, no academy where the education of spiritual nature is imparted.”

- Srila Prabhupada
Courses in ISKCON DumDum
Bhagavad Gita-sq
Gita Study 
It provides you with concepts based on the teachings of the Gita to empower you to take control of their lives and emerge as victorious individuals like Arjuna. Dedicated and qualified mentors guide you through this spiritual journey. Read, Learn, Understand, Internalize and Live Gita.
Gita Sloka Study-sq
Sloka Recitations
Reciting verses that praise Lord Krishna can awaken the soul to timeless wisdom. Repetition of these verses doesn't lead to boredom but enhances inner peace. The profound impact of chanting mantras is glorified not only in Vedic texts but also acknowledged by many psychological researchers of modern age.
ISKCON DumDum Musical Class
Music Class
Singing not only enhances the quality and tone of our voice but also has a positive impact on our mental well-being. It significantly aids in cultivating patience and concentration. Many sacred texts were traditionally sung, and mastering the ragas facilitates a deep connection with the Divine for both the performer and the audience.
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